Discover how to build a shed with our step-by-step trade secrets guide; PROVEN results to help you build with the EASIEST, QUICKEST, shed building methods.

Even if you’ve got no Experience, this complete guide will get your roof UP in no time. You’ll learn how to build your own shed with the proven techniques Pro Carpenters Use.

MeFrom The Desk Of The “Shedie Builder”, Ross French

Dear Shed builder,

Do you become totally – dazzled and confused when you think about starting to build a shed for the very first time?

If you’re like the 1000’s that come to my web site you’re probably experiencing those nagging voices in your head, crying out,where do I start“? Not to mention, what about all the new building skills that you’ll have to learn.

Almost every new shed builder I meet says that they’re dam right fed up and frustrated as they just don’t know where to begin.

Here are some of the many problems shed builders keep asking me, time and time again -

How do you make foundations that are as solid as a rock?

What tools do you need, how to use them correctly and which are the best for your job?

How can you make your shed frame with total strength, accuracy and that’s spot-on?

Which is the best way to install doors and windows, which just slide in, fitting like a glove?

What’s the simplest way to build and fit your roof to a pitch that you specifically need to protect from the certain weather you get?

How can you save 2/3rd off the same price of a bolt together flimsy shed?

And of course, this list could go on for a long time…

…But am I physic?

No I’ve just been there, got the t-shirt and learned from my many mistakes.

I even know lots of first time builders that have read all the information on shed building, spent month studying the tips and tricks, only to find that actually getting their hands dirty, planning and making their shed turned out to be a miserably frustrating experience.

You see, with the many questions that come with shed building there must be a simple solution that will cut through all the unknown terror, deliver quality advice to help you build your shed professionally, start to finish.

Now if you’re serious about saving money and learning the exact same skills you need to design, plan and build your own shed, then I have some exciting news for you…


…I’ve been building sheds for YEARS, and now you can save a fortune when you build your own shed by learning from the same experts that taught me their trade secrets, even if you  have never picked up a hammer!


My Name is Ross French; I for the last 14 year have been a professional carpenter, helping many friends and family with all their shed building problems.

But it wasn’t always like this…

…Well, I started my building career at the tender age of 14. Working with my Granddad, armed with a shovel, a brush and ready to clean his building sites.

Then I was promoted to cause some serious damage with a hammer and a saw. Here I made every mistake in the book. I cut the timber too short, bent every nail I showed my hammer to, and that’s even before I got loose with a power screwdriver!

You see a little knowledge and no proper training causes you to make costly mistakes on any construction task…

…I had to learn from a professional…

 …3 years later I had completed my advance carpentry apprenticeship. I finally had that expert knowledge drilled in to my head.

It then took me another 11 year of hands on practical experience, tweaking and perfecting my skills. Now I had the skills and design knowledge to build my very own sheds.

“In my 14 years as a carpenter I have built 437 sheds, taught many friends and family my skilled knowledge, helping them build their very own personalised shed”.

With all the shed building information I researched I found that it wasn’t up to standard… Why do beginners throw in the towel?


Why do so many friends love building their sheds? But can’t get off the starting blocks and give it a go? I would have to research thoroughly and find out what was stopping them dead in their tracks…

…I had to find the real information that’s available to Joe public…

…At first, I was encouraged by the dozens of web site offering “free” advice to build a shed. I printed off the instructions to see what good tips I could find.

Then the penny dropped…

 …That’s when I discovered the unfortunate things about almost every online site telling you how to build a shed. Firstly, every site offered the smallest amount of information, most boring designs, no variety and especially no instructions to help people’ build to their individual needs.

Even worse — the instructions that came had the bare minimal of advice. This was totally useless for people looking to build their very first shed.

It didn’t even have the professional advice to build the foundations on different types of ground. Let alone any clear and informative carpentry advice.


…It soon became very clear to me, that most of the sites I gathered information, although well meaning, had not done their homework. Well, I was pretty disappointed by the third-rate information I got on shed building, to say the least.

But instead of giving up, I decided that since I couldn’t find the top quality advice, I’d just have to develop it myself.

After all, I already knew shed building and carpentry from my long career in the construction industry, so I figured there was no reason why I couldn’t develop better Instructions than what I was finding on the Web!

 My work in the construction industry paid off!

 Well, it took me months to compile and test my shed builder guide – and I even threw a lot of information out because the advice just didn’t measure up.

But I kept testing and tweaking, throwing out the bad advice, and continually working to make the simplest and most effective guide– until, before I knew it…


…I had finally developed a foolproof system that would teach YOU shed building from start to finish.


I was now satisfied that I had created the best practical and easy to follow shed building guide…

… and giving a copy to my friend’s family to test out the instructions,  boy were they ever so impressed.

  • My Uncle (carpenter 30yrs) couldn’t believe what I had done. He had never seen anything like it; it showed novices the complete steps to build a shed.
  • My Granddad, the king of construction (50yrs) and that the stickler he is, was amazed with the clarity of the guide and immediately suggested that I should give to  his 16 year old students, using it as an excellent training guide.


You deserve an easy to follow guide that will walk you through shed construction, step by step.


And that’s when it hit me! — I realized just how amazing it is to be taught new construction skills step by step…

…and once I saw how popular my book was by giving it to my friends and family, I knew I’d be crazy not to make all of my instructions and research available to everyone, who loves building but is unsure where to start.

The guide took me loads of time and lots of wasted money before I cut through all the fluff and downright incorrect information available on shed building – even with my background in construction. So why shouldn’t I make all of this information publicly available for those who want it?

So I took all of the instructions, the tips, the background information, all that I had and put it into a 250 page eBook  course that gives you everything you need to plan and build  your very own shed from scratch.


…When you’re ready to build your own shed, what you need is a resource that will take you by the hand through each process step-by step, that doesn’t just give you overcomplicated plans for a shed.

What’s the point of that? Everyone’s gardens and surroundings are different. You need a shed that is perfect to your individual needs.


Here’s how this information has dramatically changed the life of many other wonderful people like you…



“With my limited carpentry skill your shed guide has shown me all the techniques I needed to build my very own shed in no time at all”
Mr D Taylor
“Following the simple step-by-step shed building guide I have built my new shed from scratch which cost a third of the price of similar flat pack sheds”
Mr S Miles
“Who would of thought that you could buy a complete guide to build a personalised shed, I especially loved the section on tool techniques for the beginner”
Mr R Butcher


This System is called Trade Secrets…


 …And it’s everything you’d expect from a beginners guide to build your very own shed

Just as you’d expect from a beginners guide to shed building. The “Trade Secrets Shed Building Guide” gives you real tips and sound construction advice so that you can figure out how to:

  • Assess, then work to your building skill level – We’re helping you to create your project from scratch, never will you be out of depth struggling with tricky, over complicated builds.
  • Evaluate your storage needs – Discover what you need from a shed, how much storage space and learn how to make it fit in perfectly within your garden surroundings.
  • Shed building blueprint – Follow your progress with your own shed planner time line. Find out how to build your shed to a realistic time scale. Then see your shed grow and tick off at each of the construction build points. Then stand back and show your family your new construction skills within that beautiful shed you’ve made.
  • Project planner – Were going to teach you each step so you can gain a building new skill using the pro shortcuts.
  • Build to your own specification – You’re in total control of your project, saving money and building to your exact needs.
  • Build rock solid foundations – You’ll never waste time propping up a shed that collapses on weak unstable ground. You’ll get this crucial fundamental right so you got a level “head start”!
  • Make and install shed frame floors – You’ll build a floor that fits seamlessly on top of your perfect foundation, that will never move and last for years to come.
  • Create shed frames that are 100% level and true – Getting this right will stop you from all possible future problems, windows, doors and roofs will simply side in. We don’t want you wasting time, re-adjusting your work.
  • Find out how to select the very best materials at trade cost – You’ll learn how to choose quality timber from your building store so it maximizes the life of your shed. Well-selected timber not only stops you from future repairs but will be so much easier to work with.
  • Pick and fit Shed doors and windows that handle the exposure to bad weather – Effortlessly fit doors that are wide enough to accommodate to your needs, add security that keep your valuables safely stored inside.
  • Installing shed windows – Select and fit perfect windows, giving you maximum security, flooding in the beautiful sunlight and keeping out the damaging rain.
  • Easily build and fit your roof – Discover how you can build a pitched roof, making sure your roof is watertight so you don’t have to wear a rain coat inside.
  • Build with true and solid shed framing techniques– have strong walls and not like those rickety sheds from home depot.
  • Learn the secret methods for a perfect shed finish – Find out how to finish your own shed to your own personal taste, your individual shed will not only look beautiful but will be absolutely weather tight when using the finishing methods your learn.

But, to be honest, I have barely touched the surface of the total wealth of information you have stumbled upon.

With the “Trade Secrets Shed Building Guide”, we found that all the noise on the internet, the plans are to complex for most novices. That’s why we know that shed builders need an easy to follow guide that will teach them new skills but are not to advance for their own skill level.

We don’t want people to get overwhelmed with complicated plans, requiring so much time that are never finished. Your needs are individual, and that’s why working with the trade secrets shed builder guide we go at one speed.  Your own comfortable speed!

 Even if you are unsure where to start, have no or limited building skills.

Shed building is a logical development and that’s why without a structured guide we know that newbie’s will become overwhelmed and confused.


…Never fear! You are about to get the definitive answers for all your shed building questions and of course you’ll get much more than overcomplicated plans.

In fact, I found this completely unknown shed building guide process, works twice as well when you apply it to your own construction ability. I still can’t believe how fast you can build your shed with these simple professional tips and easy construction guide.

Here’s a quick peek at even more of the confidential information your about to discover –

  • Item #1Page 17 – The unique Step by Step shed planner that is unavailable any were else. You will never get lost or overwhelmed, even if this is your first step in to the world of shed construction. We will hold your hand through every step of the way.
  • Page 53 – 63 – Ultimate carpentry skill level assessor – You’ll find out how to build your perfect shed within your own personal building skills. We know that everyone has different skill levels when venturing in to the world of construction, so here you will understand what skills are needed to make the shed of your choice.
  • Page 76 – 101 – Shed tool techniques – We are going to teach you the techniques the pros use, learn the short cuts that will save you copious amounts of time, not to mention frustration. Here you will find out how to make all you wood cuts fit together for the first and only time.
  • Page 103 – 120 -The ultimate Foundation resource guide – Once reading this your have total peace of mind that your shed will never move on any ground. This is such powerful knowledge, as if you don’t get your shed foundation right it can rapidly move and deteriorate. Costing your more time and money through constant repairs.
  • Page 103 – 120 -The ultimate Foundation resource guide – Once reading this your have total peace of mind that your shed will never move on any ground. This is such powerful knowledge, as if you don’t get your shed foundation right it can rapidly move and deteriorate. Costing your more time and money through constant repairs.
  • Page 157 – 168 – The correct Framing techniques to ensure that your wall will always stay true and upright – With today’s modern sheds the smallest amount of timber batten is used for the walls, not only is this incredibly flimsy but makes a very good weak spot for any bought shed. With the techniques you’ll discover your be able to lift the whole shed up (if possible) without anything being left on the ground!
  • Page 214 – 229 The one Roofing strategy you must use when building any shed – Your learn how to assess what type of roof your need, build it with ease and ready to withstand, well whatever your weather decides to through at it.
  • Page 235 – 245 -Timber finishing techniques – Now you have built your shed following our proven hassle free step-by-step shed guide, you’ll discover the very best wood and colour treatment. Following this invaluable advice, you’ll stop the year on year need to keep re-preserving your precious timber.

This only the tip of the iceberg, you’ll learn so much more inside…

…And I can guarantee to you that there isn’t a cheaper way to build a more solid secure shed…

…when you’re armed with all these amazing techniques to give you a giant jump start to any shed construction, I’m going to prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Trade Secrets Shed Building Guide is your ultimate course to quality shed construction.

Building a shed from your home depot store will end up costing you more money. I’ve seen it with my very own eyes, many times; you can save 2/3rd off the cost price from a pre-fabricated shed. When you build your own!

Even if you are price conscious, we will teach you how you can reduce the cost of shed construction. That’s right you will find out how much you will save before you even make you first cut into the timber you have bought. Not to mention the sheer sturdiness of your new shed that we will walk you through.

But if you’re in doubt and looking to buy an OVERPRICED shed that is so flimsy and will need constant maintenance, then I’m afraid this SIMPLE course is not for you.

“Prefab” sheds are made with flimsy and dam right second grade timber, this rot’s! Quickly! Meaning you will have to maintain you weak-expensive shed more often than you ever expected. You will then have to keep painstakingly make repairs to a cheap shed, I’m sure you don’t like regular maintenance.

Now if you were looking to use a carpenter to build your own shed, I can absolutely guarantee that you are going to pay top dollar for something that I can teach you at a fraction of the price. How much is a course in carpentry going to cost you having the very basic knowledge so that you can build you shed? Well pick a number and add three zeros on the end.

$ ?000.00

And that’s even before you buy the materials for you shed. I can teach you the exact same skills; I’ve been there, done it and will teach you from the comfort of your very own home.

Now initially I was going to offer this course for $197.00 but due to the high shipping and printing costs, I thought that the price would take it out of reach of the “average Joe” that would really benefit from it.

So here’s what I decided to do…

…since shipping is a giant expense for me, I’ve decided to offer the Trade Secrets Shed Building Guide at a hugely discounted $47 but as a downloadable full shed building guide eBook.

But even this is far less than most guys would spend on a single shed plan.

And if that’s not enough…

…I will also send you 3 special bonuses (worth $ 97) FREE, just for trying my proven guide!

But just to sweeten the pot even more, I’ve also decided to include three very powerful Free super bonuses that will give you even more excellent ways to improve your shed.

Super Bonus #1:

Solid shed ramp and step construction

 ($27 value; yours FREE)

Solid Shed Ramp Construction

This report contains everything you’ll need to know to make successful shed ramps — use this to create the most effective, strongest, and longest lasting ramps there are! You’ll learn the concepts behind creating ramps to work on different ground levels to make a solidly safe entrance to your shed.

Super Bonus #2:

Totally secure shed shelfing guide

($33 value; yours FREE)

Totally Secure Shed Shelving Guide

You’ve built your perfect shed, now it’s time to learn how to add super strength shelving, here you’ll learn the best shelving for the space you have, the strongest brackets and supports for your shelves. There’s a lot of ways to make shelves and we’ve distilled them down to the very best methods you can use, straight away.

Super Bonus #3:

Ultimate shed bench guide

($37 value; yours FREE)

Ultimate Shed Bench Building Guide

Learn how to make the perfect shed bench, tailored to your exact specification (using left over timber if you have some). Your bench is unique to you, so that’s how you’ll learn to build it.


“You literally have NOTHING to lose when you learn from the Trade Secrets Shed Building Guide”

And If you’re still not 100% sure with the construction advice and expert knowledge you’re about to, saving you money and making you a shed building pro, then let me put you completely at ease with my iron clad three-month guarantee…

If you take this first step and claim your “Trade Secrets Shed Building Guide” but can’t immediately put the tutorials, and expert knowledge to use by building your very own personalized shed, just let me know.

I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund… even if it’s 90 days from today… I’ll even let you keep the $97 worth of bonuses as my thanks for giving my advice a try…

90 day guarantee

…It’s that simple.

“Avoid paying any more on flimsy over priced sheds… and access my EXPERT ADVICE in the next five minutes…”

The choice is yours: Do you want to carry on paying your local home depot through the nose for making those shabby sheds… or not?

Wouldn’t you agree that it makes a lot more sense to build your own shed following the step by step and guides that are already proven to build your shed, STRESS FREE…

…Than to waste your precious time and experiment with over complicated shed plans that you don’t even know how much the final shed will cost?


How to Claim Your $47 Complete Shed Building Guide

Shed building guide final product

To claim your “Trade Secrets Shed Building Guide” that will walk you through every detail of shed construction and will help you make your shed to your experience level, especially tailoring to your BUDGET level and not forgetting the three super special bonus worth $97:

■Simply hit the Add to Cart link below to be directed to our Secure PayPal Server.

■Once you submit your payment you’ll receive instantly your “Trade Secrets Shed Building Guide” it will be sent directly to your email immediately, so you can instantly start planning and building your very own shed.
You’ve literally got NOTHING to lose.

But Remember…

… If you’re not thrilled with the simplest of simplest guides, jam packed full of professional tips, just let me know within the next three months, pay nothing and keep the $97.00 super bonus packages – that’s a guaranteed Win Win no matter what you decide.

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P.S. If you want to take advantage of the most comprehensive guide to building your shed … if you are ready to stop paying for overpriced sheds that will only last a few years, the only way to do this is to learn from somebody who has already done it.

Simply put, nobody else can show you from start to finish how you can make a professional robust shed, except us!